Your Luggage or Your Life 2: Airline Passenger Stupidity is Risking Lives (SkyRoll Luggage Blog)


Airline passengers evacuating in a fire emergency

Two years ago we wrote about the danger of passengers stopping to get their luggage out of overhead bins in an airplane evacuation. No one paid attention. Patrick Smith of Ask The Pilot fame wrote about the same issue on his excellent website.

Then last week Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal wrote about this problem.  It’s a pay site but you can read the key sentence for free, it says: “Time after time, airplane passengers fleeing a burning or crippled airplane take their carry-on bags with them. Toting luggage slows escapes, could block exits and risks puncturing emergency slides. This kind of behavior could get someone killed”. When will the FAA do anything about this problem?

If this selfish behavior by passengers wasn’t already dangerous enough, there is a new level of stupidity by airline passengers, as reported in the Virginia Pilot here. Here is the key point:

“Industry officials have also seen a troubling rise in people taking pictures, video or posting on social media during emergency situations.” “Get off the plane as fast as possible,” said Mohr, the American Airlines spokeswoman. “And don’t be taping it because you’re slowing down the evacuation and putting human lives at risk.”

So we will repeat the promise we made to our customers 2 years ago: If you ever have to evacuate an airplane in an emergency, leave your luggage and get your ass off the plane NOW! If you just happen to be traveling with our SkyRoll Luggage and it gets damaged in a fire we will replace it free of charge. It’s just our way of saying that your life, and the lives of the other passengers, is more important than a suitcase. And we will add a new comment: put your damn phone away until you are safely off the plane!!!

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