Are you ready for the longest flight in the world? (SkyRoll Luggage Blog)

Singapore Airlines just started the longest flight in the world, 19 hours non-stop from Singapore to Newark, NJ and the media can’t stop talking about it. The flight is on the new Airbus A350-900ULR, the ULR stands for “ultra long range” and they mean it. The Singapore to Newark flight is 9,500 miles but this plane can fly even further, around 11,000 miles. The good news about this particular flight is that all the seats are first or business class so those 19 hours will be much more comfortable. The bad news is that those seats will be expensive. But flights of 16+ hours are nothing new, here is a list of the 25 longest flights in the world, all that long or longer.

As someone who has taken some of those 16+ hour flights I can tell you that if you can afford one of those new business class or better seats that lie flat so you can sleep, it makes all the difference. But for most people who can’t shell out the business class bucks, there are still many ways to make long flights more bearable. Here is  list of suggestions on how to survive a long-haul flight. From personal experience here are my top 4 suggestions:

  1. Use good noise-cancelling headphones to block the drone of the engines and wind noise
  2. Dress comfortably
  3. Schedule time to sleep and pop a sleeping pill if necessary
  4. Stay hydrated, airplane air is very dry and will dry you out before you realize it.


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