Swissport Executive Lounge, Thank You!

A miserable start to a recent long layover at the Johannesburg airport turned into a pleasure. The miserable part was dealing with the gate keepers at the South African Airways lounge who would not let me in with my United club pass, even though they are both Star Alliance members. My long layover was saved when I accidentally found the Swissport Executive Lounge. For $35 they let anyone enter and hang out as long as needed. They had a great selection of food and drinks, MUCH better than any United club, and they were super nice. They turned what started out as a horrible airport experience into a pleasure, I highly recommend them, you can find a list of their lounges at but note that they don’t have any lounges in the USA yet, that’s a pity. I hope they open lounges in many more airports.

Posted on: August 25, 2017