“Smart” Luggage isn’t so Smart – or Safe (SkyRoll Luggage Blog)

A trend in recent years is to add big batteries to luggage. This so-called “smart” luggage lets you charge your phone, track your suitcase via GPS, and do other things that, quite frankly, seem like gimmicks. All SkyRoll luggage is carry-on so there is no need to track it, and all airports and most planes have places to charge phones. But the MUCH more important reason why putting big batteries in luggage is dumb is that Li-ion batteries are a known fire hazard and can cause an air disaster. We will never put batteries into our luggage. Here’s a battery fire aboard a China Southern Airlines plane that happened just last month and here is another battery fire aboard a Delta flight just last week.

Now airlines are finally paying attention to this critical safety issue and banning luggage with built-in Li-ion batteries. Quite frankly we don’t know what took them so long. Is the convenience of being able to plug your phone into your suitcase really worth the risk of dying in a plane crash and killing hundreds of innocent people? Of course it isn’t.

Smart phones have changed the world. They are a great way to stay in touch, check email from work, and watch cat videos. We’ve all become addicted to them and it is causing social unrest, depression, and anxiety. As serious as those problems are, they pale in comparison to a plane crash. Would you rather have your phone die due to a dead battery, or cause hundreds of people to die in a plane crash because you just had to have a suitcase with a Li-ion battery in it?