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SkyRoll in The News

"Best Product of the Year"

"Wrinkle Free Business Travel Made Easy"

"Ingenious" & a "Smart Carry-On"

"The best bags and carry-on luggage for short and long trips"

"A carry-on bag for every type of traveler"
"8 coolest carry-ons we've ever seen"

"A garment bag for 21st century dads"

"SkyRoll Spinner is the ideal suitcase for those going on a quick trip like business travelers, cruisers, and weekend escapes"

"SkyRoll has changed my expectation about wrinkled clothes on work trips."

"TSA-friendly business travel accessories"

“Please Do Carry-On with SkyRoll”

“If you travel often with a garment bag, this product is a life saver”

“This business traveler’s new friend is perfect because you do not have to fold your suits when traveling.”

“I’ll have to say it was a real treat to travel with the SkyRoll. I felt free as a bird…weightless, hands-free and it looks sharp too… you really know how to travel.”

“In my opinion, the SkyRoll garment bag is a must for business travelers and cruisers who are determined to pack light. It’s also a fun second carry-on for couples who pack together like we do. I would even consider this bag fantastic as a main carry-on for the regular traveler”

New York Times showed SkyRoll in Packing Tips From Travel Pros

“Rolling Clothes Prevents Wrinkles and Saves Packing Space”

As seen on “The Big Idea” with DonnyDeutsch on CNBC

“This is what you want if you travel the US frequently carrying a suit or two. It will easily fit in an overhead bin, it’s surprisingly comfortable to carry, and it’s light."

"If you hate the bulk of normal garment bags, you’ll love the ingenuity of this one"

“If you are looking for an alternative from the standard garment bag, you should definitely consider getting this”

“This bag is one of the absolute coolest inventions to hit travel in a long time. If you’re on the road a lot, or if you just want options the SkyRoll is the bag for you!”

“We found a carry-on that kills two birds with one stone: SkyRoll’s rolling carry-on suitcase and garment bag in one (this is a luggage “first”). “This is a great piece for cruises to nowhere or a quick two-night cruise to the Bahamas.”

PopSugar called SkyRoll “Simply Fab”

“SkyRoll on Wheels is the Best Carry-On Garment Bag Out There!”

“Combining the best features of a garment bag and a suitcase is the SkyRoll”

"SkyRoll is a Top 5 Coolest Piece of Luggage"