How to Buy Luggage (from Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports just wrote up a great story called How to Buy Luggage, you can read it here.
A few key points they make are that you should buy quality, and that most of the well known luggage brands make good luggage. We’ll add a few points of our own, 1) While some high-end brands (like TUMI) can cost over $700 for a suitcase, there is really no need to spend more than $300 for a nice suitcase. 2) There is no single perfect luggage for everyone and every type of travel so choose based on your needs, and you may need more than one type of luggage depending on what kind of trips you take.

We were very proud when Consumer Reports named SkyRoll “A Garment Bag for the 21st Century Dad”  but we recognize that our luggage is designed for certain types of trips. SkyRoll is ideal for short business trips, weddings, events, etc… but we don’t recommend it for that 3 week African safari. Choose your luggage based on your travel requirements and it will make for a more enjoyable trip.