Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions at SkyRoll Luggage.

Does SkyRoll guarantee my clothes won’t wrinkle?

While we designed SkyRoll to reduce wrinkles and creases by letting you roll up suits, dresses, and larger clothing, instead of folding them, wrinkles can still happen. Our wrap-around garment bag should help reduce wrinkles in most cases, but it is only part of the answer. Certain fabrics wrinkle much more easily than others, linen for example, and how carefully you pack can make a big difference. Be wary of any luggage that guarantees no wrinkles.

So how can I travel without my clothes getting wrinkled?

You should avoid traveling with fabrics that wrinkle easily. Some clothes are specifically made for travel and use fabrics that are very resistant to wrinkles. This article, A Wrinkle-Free Approach to Traveling  has some links and tips on where to find clothes designed for travel. You can also leave shirts and suits in their plastic dry-cleaner bags, this seems to help.

What do I do if my clothes arrived wrinkled?

Hang up your clothes as soon as you get to your hotel. Also try hanging them in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, this will help relax the fabric and smooth out wrinkles.

Is SkyRoll carry-on size?

There is no such thing as a universal carry-on size. All versions of SkyRoll are designed to meet the most common carry-on size in the USA which is 22x14x9 inches. Some U.S. airlines have more generous rules but many foreign airlines have much stricter rules for carry-on size. In fact, some of their rules are so strict as to make it almost impossible to bring any carry-on luggage aboard a flight. This is why you MUST check with your airline BEFORE you travel, to make sure your luggage meets their particular rules.


Is your website secure? Is my personal information safe if I order a SkyRoll from you?

All orders placed on our site go through PayPal, either by credit card or your PayPal account (you don’t need to have a PayPal account).
We never even see your credit card number or account number. As for personal information like your name, email address, etc…, we will NEVER GIVE OR SELL ANY OF THIS TO ANYONE.

Is SkyRoll sold in any stores?

The over shoulder and 2-wheeled versions are sold in all Men’s Wearhouse stores in the USA and all Moores stores in Canada. Special versions of both are sold in all Jos. A Bank stores and are called BankRoll. The SkyRoll Spinner version is currently only sold on this website. These retailers have chosen to not include the matching toiletry kit, this is their decision not ours. Please don’t be upset with us if you buy a SkyRoll at a retail store and think the kit is missing.

Do all versions of SkyRoll hold the same amount of stuff ?

The over-shoulder version is the smallest and for most people is best for trips under 3-days. The SkyRoll on Wheels (2-wheeled) and SkyRoll Spinner (4 wheels) hold about twice as much as the shoulder version. They are the same size except the garment bag on the Spinner is one inch narrower than on the 2-wheeled version. For this reason we do not recommend it for men’s suits jackets larger than about size 42. Both wheeled versions are best for trips up to 4-5 days, for longer trips or when you need to take a lot of stuff you may want to take a larger bag and check it.

Do they all come with a toiletry kit?

All versions of SkyRoll sold on this website come with a free matching toiletry kit inside. Some retailers that sell SkyRoll have chosen to not include the toiletry kit, this is their decision not ours. Please don’t be upset with us if you buy a SkyRoll at a retail store and think the kit is missing.

Who makes the best luggage? Is SkyRoll as good as TUMI?

There is no “best” luggage although all the top brands make very good luggage. TUMI makes excellent luggage and has become a standard for business travelers, but it is also very expensive. We think SkyRoll is a better value than TUMI and fills a niche that no other luggage addresses. TUMI and some other brands use heavier fabrics and stronger hardware that can make their bags appear more durable (and heavier). Will they hold up better to lots of travel? Maybe, maybe not, but are they worth paying 3 or 4 times the price of a SkyRoll? We’ll let you and your wallet make that decision.

Does the SkyRoll warranty cover anything that happens to my luggage?

Yes and no. The warranty covers anything that breaks during normal use, it does not cover things that wear out over time, namely wheels. If under normal use something on your SkyRoll breaks you should email one or more clear photos of the problem to us so we can recommend the best course of action. Sometimes this will mean sending your SkyRoll to us for repair or replacement. Sometimes we will suggest getting it repaired near you at a luggage or shoe repair shop that handles luggage. For simple repairs this is the quickest and cheapest option, and saves you the hassle of shipping it back to us.
If your SkyRoll gets damaged by the airlines you should file a claim with the airline.

Why don’t you ship to Canada?

First, SkyRoll is sold at all Moores stores in Canada. Second, it costs more to ship to Canada and you would get charged high import duties. We tried this and customers were unhappy with these charges.