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Warranty & Return Policy:

SkyRoll Limited Warranty Policy – Please Read Before Ordering

If you order SkyRoll luggage and decide you don’t like it or it’s too small, or whatever, you can return it to our offices for a full refund, less our initial shipping cost to you, provided you have not traveled with it. If you travel with it and then decide you don’t like it for some reason, we cannot take it back. So we suggest you pack it at home and see if all your stuff fits and comes out looking the way you expect. If your SkyRoll bag is not what you expected, and want to return it please contact us by email for return instructions. DO NOT return any SkyRoll product to the return address on the box.

All SkyRoll luggage comes with a limited 5-year warranty. What does “limited” mean? It means that any failure caused by a manufacturing defect under normal use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Damage caused by mishandling or abuse by airlines or other parties is not covered. If your SkyRoll is damaged by an airline you’ll need to contact the airline right away.

If you experience a problem with your SkyRoll the first step is to email us with the following information:

1. Which version of SkyRoll you have.
2. When and where you purchased your SkyRoll.
3. Include at least one clear photo of the problem and one of the whole bag.
4. Any information of how the problem occurred (if known). For example, was the damage due to airline handling from checking the bag.

DO NOT return any SkyRoll product to the return address on the box or anyplace else without our authorization.