What’s the Best Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel?

Many people ask what is the best carry-on luggage for business travel. Like most things, it depends. How long is the business trip? What kinds of clothes do you pack? Are you a man or a woman? There are many options out there, from low-priced cheaply made luggage on one end to brands like TUMI […]

Mythbusters airplane boarding

Airplane boarding, the Right Way to Do It

Most people who fly think the way the airlines handle boarding is, to be blunt, stupid. But did you wonder if the airlines ever gathered any hard data to determine what the best method of boarding a plane actually is? My guess is that no airline ever actually did the experiments. Luckily, our friends and […]

More Airline Carry-On Insanity

Yesterday a United Airlines passenger got into a heated argument with United employees over the size of her carry-on. Here is the story and video. Why this is newsworthy is that the bag fit in United’s own sizer at the gate and United employees wanted to force her to check it, until a more level-headed […]

Battery Fire in Luggage on a flight

“Smart” Luggage isn’t so Smart – or Safe

A trend in recent years is to add big batteries to luggage. This so-called “smart” luggage lets you charge your phone, track your suitcase via GPS, and do other things that, quite frankly, seem like gimmicks. All SkyRoll luggage is carry-on so there is no need to track it, and all airports and most planes […]


A New Way to Book Business Travel (and Save $)

A new website from the creator of Priceline aims to help make your business trips a lot easier, and save you money in the process. It’s called Upside.com and it lets you book complete packages (flight, hotel, car, etc…) in one place for one low price. But it gets better. They offer 24/7 live personal […]

10 Commandments of Travel

I found this in my hotel in South Africa, I think it’s all you need to know about traveling.


Swissport Executive Lounge, Thank You!

A miserable start to a recent long layover at the Johannesburg airport turned into a pleasure. The miserable part was dealing with the gate keepers at the South African Airways lounge who would not let me in with my United club pass, even though they are both Star Alliance members. My long layover was saved […]

Star Alliance? Not so much

If you fly on United you’ll know they belong to the Star Alliance. They like to tout how they make it easy for all the member airlines to share flights and perks, the reality is quite different. On a recent trip to South Africa I had to purchase my tickets on South African Airways even […]

Airplane seatbelts

Another Airline Seat Annoyance

On every flight I’ve ever taken, the airline devoted time and effort to fold the seat belts across the seat in a criss-cross pattern. And every time I had to devote time and effort to moving the straps to the side just to sit down. Multiply that by thousands of seats and thousands of flights […]

Are Some Airfares Too Good to be True?

The discount carrier WOW recently announce $69 flights to Europe from some US cities. These kinds of fares make great headlines, but it’s not the whole story. Wow, and other discount airlines like Spirit, Ryanair, etc… love splashy headlines like this for obvious reasons, they attract customers. But those customers later find out that even […]

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