Another Airline Seat Annoyance

On every flight I’ve ever taken, the airline devoted time and effort to fold the seat belts across the seat in a criss-cross pattern. And every time I had to devote time and effort to moving the straps to the side just to sit down. Multiply that by thousands of seats and thousands of flights […]

Are Some Airfares Too Good to be True?

The discount carrier WOW recently announce $69 flights to Europe from some US cities. These kinds of fares make great headlines, but it’s not the whole story. Wow, and other discount airlines like Spirit, Ryanair, etc… love splashy headlines like this for obvious reasons, they attract customers. But those customers later find out that even […]

The Election is Over, it’s Time to Travel

Experts are calling this election the most divisive in US history, it’s hard to argue with that. The other key point of this and every other presidential election cycle is they take way too long. Every other country seems to elect their leader in a few months, yet we seem to start the next campaign […]

A Salute to the man who changed air travel

The man called “the father of the 747”, Joe Sutter, passed away on August 30th. Joe was the chief engineer at Boeing assigned the task of building a brand new airplane that could hold twice as many people as the leading passenger jet at that time, the 707. Joe and his team designed and built […]

Your Luggage or Your Life

Every time there is an air disaster with survivors, news reports come out about how passengers do something incredibly stupid. Having survived the crash, they are told to evacuate the plane as quickly as possible before things get worse, like the plane catching fire. The reason is simple, you’ve beaten the odds and survived a […]

Are you ready for the customer service robots?

Toshiba has developed “female” customer service robots to help travelers. They look human but with that definite level of creepiness that comes from interacting with a machine that resembles a person but not quite. Hilton and IBM are developing a concierge robot. At least this robot looks like a robot, more like a toy really, […]

Traveling Light

My personal travel philosophy is to travel as light as possible, always carry-on, and if I can’t fit everything I need into my carry-ons I’d rather just stay home. Of course this is a bit of an exaggeration, but with a kernel of truth. I HATE to check bags! Seasoned travelers usually learn how to […]

What’s the Best Luggage?

Many people looking to buy new luggage (or any other product) often start with this question: What’s the best luggage? Like most things in life, the correct answer is “it depends”. For starters, what do you mean by “best”? The cheapest, lightest, most durable, etc…? And like with most products these days, the number of […]

How to Buy Luggage (from Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports just wrote up a great story called How to Buy Luggage, you can read it here. A few key points they make are that you should buy quality, and that most of the well known luggage brands make good luggage. We’ll add a few points of our own, 1) While some high-end brands […]

TSA fires their head of security, is this progress?

The long delays at TSA checkpoints are getting noticed. The TSA just fired their head of security, it’s not clear yet if the new guy will do a better job. What is clear is that the system is broken and replacing the guy in charge, while a good first step, is not nearly enough. The […]