Another Airline Seat Annoyance (SkyRoll Luggage Blog)

Airplane seatbelts

On every flight I’ve ever taken, the airline devoted time and effort to fold the seat belts across the seat in a criss-cross pattern. And every time I had to devote time and effort to moving the straps to the side just to sit down. Multiply that by thousands of seats and thousands of flights and the airlines are wasting a lot of time doing something that helps no one and slows down boarding. Everyone knows time is money, but few know it as well as airlines. Why they bother to fold over the seat belts is a mystery to me. They would save time and money just putting the belts on the outer sides of the seats. This would also speed up the boarding process which would save more time, and money. And it would make getting into the seat and ready to take off just a bit easier. So why are all the airlines doing it the wrong way?

(They are also doing boarding and de-boarding the wrong way, more about that later)

Posted on: January 17, 2017