Never Fold Your Suits Again
Never Fold Your Dresses Again
Never Fold Your Suits or Dresses Again

Free Ground Shipping

No charge for ground shipping in the continental USA (Note: we do not ship outside the USA at this time)

Free Matching Toiletry Kit

Matching Toiletry Kit is included with any SkyRoll ordered on this website

No More Checked Luggage Fees

All SkyRolls meet the most common 22 x 14 x 9 inch carry-on size

SkyRoll makes the only luggage with a wrap-around garment bag, never fold suits or dresses again. It’s like 2 pieces of luggage in 1.

Rolling up large clothes means fewer creases & wrinkles in a more compact size. Perfect for business trips, weddings, cruises, etc…

All SkyRoll luggage meet the most common 22 x 14 x 9 size standard, no more checked baggage fees or waiting in baggage claim.