Lose the wrinkles, not your luggage



Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy

All SkyRoll luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty. What does “limited” mean? It means that any failure caused by a manufacturing defect or design flaw will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, things do wear out over time and with heavy use. It also does not cover damage by airlines. If your SkyRoll is damaged by an airline you’ll need to contact the airline right away.

If you experience a problem with your SkyRoll the first step is to e-mail us , include one or more photos of the problem, and wait for a reply. DO NOT return any SkyRoll product to the return address on the box or anyplace else without our authorization.


PLEASE NOTE: All SkyRoll luggage is designed to be carried-on, not checked. Checked bags can be crushed under heavy piles of luggage. If subjected to such stress, the internal frame of the shoulder version of SkyRoll can be damaged beyond repair.


Return Policy

If you order a SkyRoll and it is not what you expected, you can return it unused for a full refund, minus our initial shipping cost. Please contact us by e-mail for return instructions. DO NOT return any SkyRoll product to the return address on the box.