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SkyRoll On Wheels




Wheeled Suitcase & Garment Bag in One

* It’s a carry-on suitcase with a wrap-around garment bag

* Suits gently wrap around the outside – they never fold

* It’s two pieces of luggage in one

* No more checked baggage fees
Check out the fees on


Here is how it works:

SkyRoll works like a standard carry-on suitcase, except large clothes are placed in a separate garment bag and wrapped around the outside of the suitcase. The suitcase and garment bag are designed to be used together, but can also be used as separate pieces of luggage

To pack, place SkyRoll on a bed. un-clip the 3 ending clips, and unroll the garment bag. Next un-clip the 2 starting clips to detach the garment bag from the suitcase. Pack the suitcase and garment bag separately before rolling them up.

Unzip the garment bag to load suits, dresses, or other large clothes. After loading, zip it up and place ties, or small items into the mesh pockets on the inside of the garment bag.







The suitcase holds  about 50% more room than our over-the-shoulder SkyRoll.

NOTE: For suit jackets larger than size 42 you may have to fold the shoulders in a bit to fit in the garment bag.

The suitcase has two sections, a main compartment and a small top compartment for easy access to items while traveling.

Open the large front door to load items into the main section of the suitcase.




Once SkyRoll is packed, you don’t need to remove the garment bag to get to the top compartment, just unzip the top door.

The top compartment of the suitcase has room for a shaving kit or makeup bag and comes with a free SkyRoll custom toiletry kit*. The inside of the top door has two small and one large mesh pocket to organize your small items.

(*The SkyRoll toiletry kit comes free only with the version ordered on this web site.)

Once you pack the garment bag and suitcase, place them on a bed, clip them together, and roll them up  making sure to align the Velcro strip to help keep the garment bag in place.

Connect the three end-clips and  tighten the straps to prevent the garment bag from moving during travel.

About 2 suits can fit in the garment bag depending on size and fabric.

The garment bag measures 20.5 x 48 inches. The suitcase measures 22 x 12 x 8 inches. With a typically loaded garment bag wrapped around the suitcase the final dimensions should be close to 22 x 14 x 9 and should fit into most overhead bins. We have never heard of anyone who was denied boarding their flight with a SkyRoll but please check the carry-on rules for your airline before you fly with any carry-on luggage.

When empty the SkyRoll on Wheels weighs 9 pounds.


Note: We recommend you do not use hangers when packing. If you must use hangers, we recommend using wire hangers.

Sale Price: $249.99

SkyRoll on Wheels