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A Best Product of the year
Forbes Logo “Wrinkle Free Business Travel Made Easy”
Ingenious” and a “Smart carry-on
“If you travel often with a garment bag, this product is a life saver”.
 Practical Travel Gear “this business traveler’s new friend is perfect because you do not have to fold your suits when traveling”


“I’ll have to say it was a real treat to travel with the Skyroll.  I felt free as a bird…weightless, hands-free and it looks sharp too… you really know how to travel.  Additionally, the garment bag fits so tightly around the suitcase that it really looks like one bag, not a hodge-podge of velcro-attaching compartments.”
“Perfect for the Busy Business Traveler”
“In my opinion, the Skyroll garment bag is a must for business travelers and cruisers who are determined to pack light. It’s also a fun second carry-on for couples who pack together like we do. I would even consider this bag fantastic as a main carry-on for the regular traveler”
Fox News called SkyRoll one of the
Top 5 Coolest Pieces of Luggage
Packing Tips From Travel Pros
“Rolling Clothes Prevents Wrinkles and Saves Packing Space”
As seen on “The Big Idea”
with DonnyDeutsch
“Top 9 Carry-On Bags”
One Bag, One World SkyRoll Review “Happy Garments with the SkyRoll”
“This bag is one of the absolute coolest inventions to hit travel in a long time. If you’re on the road a lot, or if you just want options the SkyRoll is the bag for you!”
“We found a carry-on that kills two birds with one stone: SkyRoll’s rolling carry-on suitcase and garment bag in one (this is a luggage “first”).
“This is a great piece for cruises to nowhere or a quick two-night cruise to the Bahamas — or even as an extra suitcase to keep you organized on week long or more sailings.”
The L.A. Times says: “Please Do Carry-On with SkyRoll”
“Simply Fab”
“The SkyRoll on Wheels is the Best Carry-On Garment Bag Out There!”
“Combining the best features of a garment bag and a suitcase is the SkyRoll”