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Crazy Carry-On Contest

Welcome to the SkyRoll Crazy Carry-On Contest!

Click here to send us pictures or videos of the biggest, funniest, craziest carry-ons people bring on your flight, or anything else you find funny while traveling. If we like them we will post them here and on our Facebook Page. If we really like them you could win a free SkyRoll.  All submissions become the property of SkyRoll and its parent company, Small World LLC.

Here are some travel related pics and videos we thought were really funny. Please send us more!



A carry-on that is too big for the overhead bin

Not really carry-on size, now is it?

What can’t you fix with duct tape?

Your typical assortment of knives, guns, & brass knuckles found in carry-on luggage. Click the picture to go to the TSA blog & see their Top 10 list for 2011

Luggage container sucked into jet engine

Watch where you put those luggage containers


A jet engine is a really bad place to take a nap

A really bad place to take a nap!

A jet engine is a really bad place to take a nap

Why are these guys so tired?