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Carry-On Luggage Rules

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What is a Carry-On Bag?

There is no such thing as a universal carry-on size, each airline has its own carry-on luggage policy.  Also keep in mind that gate agents and flight attendants reserve the right to allow or refuse anything they want on board a flight even if it meets their carry-on size rule.  In most cases as long as you are close to the guidelines for a carry-on you should be allowed to bring it on your flight. Also, bin sizes will vary by type of aircraft so an item that meets the carry-on size may not fit in some smaller bins. Some airlines also have a weight limit, but this is usually only on checked luggage. Please check with your airline BEFORE you pack.

There is no such thing as an “FAA-approved carry-on” or “government-approved carry-on,” so be wary of products that make these claims.